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Meet Brett of BStone Squared


How long have you been selling what you make? Been in business for 3 years.

How did you get started? The first thing I made was a set of cornhole boards about 12 years ago. We had a cheap set that broke & had a family reunion we were hosting & wanted to have those to play.

I tore into the project thinking, I'll fix these but found they were poorly made & I could make a much better set if I gave it some effort.

I remember my Grandpa Cliff paying me big compliments at the reunion & was surprised I had made the boards. He asked a bunch of questions & looking back now, he knew then I was going to be "making things"! Since then I’ve been following in my grandpas footsteps , experimenting with wood working and finding joy in making nearly anything.

It took me years to mature & have that desire to learn more. Woodworking takes a great deal of patience & I have "grown into" it!

Although I never worked hand in hand with my grandpa, I can feel him there when I dig into a project. The hobby became a passion & I thought I'd test the waters with a business. I started with local farmers markets & the reception has been great. It's taken me to places as far as New York City already in the past couple years. 

My grandpa made a ton of custom furniture in his day & I find myself looking over the pieces in my parents house now & strive to one day be as talented as he was. I even have a wood hand planer that was my grandpas that I keep in my shop.

What’s something about your work that people might not know just by looking? Each piece is somehow "finished" by my daughter who is 4 and loves to be included. Kaylee loves to help give finishing touches and help daddy.

bstone 3.jpg
bstone 5.jpg

You can find Brett at our June 3rd, August 5th, and October 1st Art and Craft Markets. Find him on Facebook @bstonesquared or online at www.bstone2.com



Contact: Jazz Glastra
Tel. (740) 527-0420
Email: jazz@canalmarketdistrict.org
Date: 4/20/2017                                                         


Opening Day is May 5th

 NEWARK, Ohio, April 20, 2017—The Canal Market District (CMD) in downtown Newark is busily preparing to reopen for the 2017 market season. The farmers market reopens at 4 pm on Friday, May 5th, while the art and craft market reopens on Saturday, May 13th at 10 am. This will be the Canal Market District’s second season, and organizers are hoping to build on 2016’s success to continue making the District a destination for both locals and visitors to shop, eat, and listen to live music.

This year’s farmers market features a majority of returning farmers, bakers, and other food artisans from around the Central Ohio region. CMD is also adding a number of new businesses and products to the mix, including lima beans, locally made granola, and pancake mix.

Returning vendor Pam Roberts of Together We Grow Community Gardens is “very excited to be a vendor again at the Canal Market District Farmers Market!”

“We had such a great experience in the inaugural year and know this year is going to be even better,” she continued. We sell all types of delicious, chemical-free veggies, from arugula to zucchini. We're looking forward to seeing all of our previous customers and meeting lots of new ones!"

Live music on opening day will be provided by local musicians including Rich Folk and John Sayer. Licking County Soil and Water will be there to provide information to the public, as will the Midland Theater. Food trucks will also be onsite for those looking to grab a meal at the market.

The Canal Farmers Market is held Tuesdays and Fridays from 4 pm to 7 pm. Tuesday markets run May 9th through the end of September, while Friday markets begin May 5th and continue until the end of October.

The Canal Farmers Market is inclusive for everyone, and accepts both WIC Farmers Market Nutrition coupons and SNAP (food stamps) benefits. These programs allow low income shoppers to use their benefits in lieu of cash to purchase fresh food from the farmers market. SNAP users can also get up to $10 extra to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables each market day. “Making this market accessible to everyone is at the core of what we want this farmers market to be,” said CMD Executive Director Jazz Glastra. “We’ve done this from the very beginning, and it’s part of the reason why the community has embraced this new market so well.”

The Canal Art and Craft Market takes place monthly from May through October. The season opens on May 13th, the day before Mother’s Day, from 10 am to 3 pm. It will feature over 30 local crafters and artists. Products will include photography, glass art, homemade soaps and beauty products, jewelry, quilts, and more. Most of the products at the art and craft market are made in Licking County, and all are handmade and sold directly by the artist.

“I think the Canal Art and Craft Market is great because I love to see the people who buy my pieces in person,” said jewelry-maker Melissa Winters of PurpleArtLove.  “It makes the experience much more special.  It is the best way to see what the customer really loves.”

The Canal Market District consists of three covered market pavilions that provide a permanent home for markets and other community events. It is located at 36 E Canal St in Newark. More information about the Canal Market District and both the farmers market and the art and craft market can be found on CMD’s website at CanalMarketDistrict.org.


The Canal Market District is a permanent market facility located at 36 E Canal St in Newark, Ohio. This facility was constructed through the generosity of the Thomas J. Evans Foundation of Newark and is managed in partnership with the City of Newark, Licking County, and the Canal Market District—a private nonprofit organization. The organization is committed to improving community access to healthy, local food and promoting economic development rooted in Licking County’s history, culture, and local bounty. The Canal Market District is located at 36 E Canal St in Newark, Ohio. To learn more about the Canal Market District visit our website at www.canalmarketdistrict.org.


Making the Market: Pam of Together We Grow Gardens

 In our new series, "Making the Market," we will be introducing you to some of the crafters, farmers, musicians, and artisans who attend our markets. We hope you enjoy learning more about the "makers" in our community!

Pam and Mike Roberts, founders of Together We Grow Gardens

Pam and Mike Roberts, founders of Together We Grow Gardens

How did Together We Grow Gardens get started? Together We Grow Gardens is a non-profit business which began in 2011 as one small community garden.  We started as a way to provide garden plots for people in our community who often are in need of food, may not have transportation and don't have a lot of fresh food options close to home. 

I left my job as Associate Director at Mental Health America when I realized that this business was growing so quickly that I needed to do it full-time.  It's been two years since I have received a paycheck, but it has been two of my happiest years! 

Spring break clean-up crew. 

Spring break clean-up crew. 

You've grown a lot over the years. What are you up to now? Today, we have 4 community gardens, 3 school gardens, and are opening up our brand new solar-powered greenhouse on Friday, April 28th at 10:00, at Heritage Middle School, 600 Arlington Avenue, Newark.  This greenhouse will be home to three separate programs: Victory Gardens for Veterans (Thursdays from 1-3 pm), Power of Plants Educational Program for at-risk middle and high school students (Wednesdays from 9:30 -11:30 am), and Here We Grow Gardens for adults with developmental disabilities (Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays).

What is it about farming that made you decide to start Together We Grow GardensMy husband and I have always loved to garden.  Not only do you get delicious healthy food, but it's also SO relaxing and fulfilling!

What growing practices do you use at the gardens? Together We Grow Gardens is not certified organic, but we take a lot of pride in never using chemicals to grow our produce.  We do just about everything with volunteers or individuals who are in need of community service.  Lots of great relationships have been established with the community service folks.  Mentoring and showing someone another way of life is one of the most rewarding parts of this program! 

Tell us something unique and fun about your products. One of our newest ventures is making and selling OH MY GOSH BOKASH!  Bokashi is a Japanese word that means "fermented organic matter".  Like composting, it breaks down organic waste into a rich soil amendment, but Bokashi takes around one month to break down into microbe-rich humus, rather than the typical 6-9 months that it takes a traditional compost heap to break down.  We would like to see everyone making their own Bokashi in order to 1) redirect food out of landfills, 2) reduce greenhouse emissions, and 3) restore life to the earth's soil!

We will be selling OH MY GOSH BOKASH! starter kits, inoculant, potting soil, microbe serum, red wiggler worm bins, worm kits, and worm castings...all at the Canal Market District Farmer's Market.


What's your favorite thing to grow? Personally, my favorite thing is potatoes.  Not only do you have a pretty plant to look at all season, but it's like digging for GOLD when you dig out the potatoes! This year, we are going to grow Yukon Gold, All Reds and Purple potatoes.  Should be fun! Two other fun crops we are growing this year are yard-long green beans and purple green beans.  I can't wait to see them and eat them!




Making the Market: Kaitlin of Elemental Creations by Kat

In our new series, "Making the Market," we will be introducing you to some of the crafters, farmers, musicians, and artisans who attend our markets. We hope you enjoy learning more about the "makers" in our community!

Meet Kaitlin Ferensen of Elemental Creations by Kat


How long have you been in business? I've been to jewelry making and metalsmithing the past 2 years and started my business and vending in the past year. 

How did you get started with this work? I've been drawing and painting from a young age and fell in love with metalsmithing in high school. I love learning new ways of creating and have recently taken up wood burning and leather work.

Tell me about something you've made recently. My favorite things I've made recently are pieces of jewelry using organic casted pieces. I found an amazing jewelry caster that offers sterling silver cast twigs, leaves, mushrooms, pine cones, etc. I love the natural and organic look they add to my pieces as I am very moved and inspired by nature.

What's a fun fact about you? I'm a free spirited Aquarius who loves to dance!

Kaitlin will be at all of our craft markets this year, starting May 13th. You can see more of her work on her Facebook page. 


Making the Market: Carol of Phoenix Rising

In our new series, "Making the Market," we will be introducing you to some of the crafters, farmers, musicians, and artisans who attend our markets. We hope you enjoy learning more about the "makers" in our community!

Meet Carol Bridwell of Phoenix Rising

How long have you been in business? I have been in business one year making woven rugs and furniture from salvaged wood. My daughter, Alicia Snider, works with me adding artwork to my wooden creations.

How did you get started? I have been interested in various fiber and textile mediums most of my life. My grandmother taught me to crochet at the age of 6 using crochet thread to make doilies and laces. I had a fascination for the construction of materials using mere string.  I got my first floor loom 30 years ago and taught myself the techniques for creating beautiful and useful pieces with string and scraps. For many years this was a hobby for me making rugs for our home and those of family and friends.

I more recently became interested in what I could create with wood materials that have been tossed. This led me to making furniture and home accessories out of pallets and salvaged wood.


What is your favorite thing you have made recently and why? My favorite thing that I have recently made is a woven rug. I was asked to make a rug for a kitchen with apple green cabinets and room accents in turquoise and red. At first this seems like an unusual and hard to balance color combination. I was able to put to together just the right mix and it is awesome.

Tell us a fun fact about your products. An endless array of patterns and outcomes can be achieved using the most unusual collections of materials. Finding the gem that is hidden in these materials and being open to what you might find is a source of endless pleasure to me.

Carol will be attending our Art and Craft markets on May 13th, June 3rd, July 22nd, September 9th, and October 1st from 10 am to 3 pm. Stop by to meet her and see more of her awesome work! You can see more on her Facebook page.

New Year, New Goals

Usually I take very little notice of all the resolution-making when we start a new calendar year. I think the glum weather and cold temperatures often keep me from feeling inspired. This year, though, I’ve been working hard on setting some goals and creating a vision for 2017—some New Year’s Resolutions, if you wish. Even though we’re in the dead of winter, there is a lot going on behind the scenes here at the Canal Market District to make this year even better than 2016. Believe me, that’s going to be a tough benchmark to reach! So if you're curious about what we're up to, come along as I outline some of our 2017 goals: Learn from experience, improve and expand our markets, focus on music, and grow our community. Happy New Year!

  1. Learn from experience. The 2016 farmers market season exceeded our hopes and expectations, and we are so grateful for that! However, we want to make sure the momentum carries through the long winter into a new and improved 2017 season. Farmers are already planning crops and sending in their paperwork to reserve spots at the Canal Farmers Market. Meanwhile, Market Director Bryn Bird is hard at work meeting with community members and pouring over surveys to learn more about what YOU want to see next year. If you’re interested in contributing your thoughts, take our survey or email Bryn at: Bryn@canalmarketdistrict.org You can also check out our events page for information on one of our feedback meetings.

  2. Improve and expand markets. Both the craft market and the farmers market will start in May this year. That means we will have a full 6 months of markets running from May through October with the possibility of a special Thanksgiving farmers market in November, plus the Christmas Market the day after Thanksgiving. Like the farmers market, the Canal Art and Craft Market is also going through some changes and upgrades. Next year look for more vendors, more variety, and food available for purchase while you shop for unique crafts and gifts. If you have feedback on our craft markets, please email me at Jazz@canalmarketdistrict.org

  3. Focus on music. The Canal Market District is overjoyed that dozens of musicians from our community have stepped forward to provide entertainment to the community at each farmers market. These efforts are completely volunteer-led and all musicians are volunteers who are performing just for the love of music. This year we want to do more for our musician community by highlighting their performances on our social media and website, and letting you know where else you can catch them at a gig!

  4. Grow our community. One of the most amazing things we saw last year was how the community came together at the Canal Market District. We met folks from all over Licking County, people of all backgrounds and income levels, who were mingling together and reconnecting with folks they don’t normally run into on a day to day basis. This year we want to be more intentional about creating “our” community by hosting more special events and providing lots of opportunities for you to get involved. We’re planning a great season of programming at the farmers market, too, in partnership with the Downtown Newark Association’s Final Fridays. Look for lots of announcements about the schedule in the coming weeks, and check back on our website at CanalMarketDistrict.org/events.

The Canal Market District and the Courthouse Christmas Lighting Committee Planning a Combined Celebration on November 25th

The Licking County Courthouse Christmas Lighting Committee and the Canal Market District (CMD) are announcing a collaboration for the annual Licking County Christmas Kick-Off Celebration on Friday, November 25th. The groups are planning a community Christmas event on the day after Thanksgiving including the CMD’s first Christmas Market in the new entertainment district just south of downtown Newark.  Featured on Friday afternoon and evening from 4:00pm till 8:00pm, this first CMD Christmas Market will feature arts and crafts, food vendors, and local farmers with Christmas trees, greens, wreaths and decorations.  Part of the collaboration with the Christmas Lighting Committee will include holiday decorations in the new Canal Market District.

The Christmas Lighting Committee will be adapting their approach to the start of the holiday season in Licking County in 2016, as the Historic Courthouse will not be decorated this year due to the restoration construction. However, plans have been made to place the extensive collection of colorful Christmas lawn ornaments on Courthouse Park, which will be lighted the evening of November 25th and will remain lighted each evening until the first day of January 2017.

 As part of the collaboration event on November 25th the Courthouse Lighting Committee will be sponsoring a special sing-a-long and Santa program that evening, keeping alive the local tradition that dates back to 1949. The holiday music program will begin at 6:00pm in the Reese Pavilion in the CMD and will feature the arrival of Jolly Old Saint Nick at 7:15pm. A highlight for the evening and introduced by Santa will be a ‘Red, Green and White’ Christmas Fireworks Show, sponsored in part by WCLT Radio.  

These combined events promise to make for an exciting start to the Christmas holiday season in Licking County on the traditional Friday evening on the day after Thanksgiving.  So plan to visit downtown Newark that afternoon and evening, with the entire family, to kick-off your holiday season!