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Meet Brett of BStone Squared


How long have you been selling what you make? Been in business for 3 years.

How did you get started? The first thing I made was a set of cornhole boards about 12 years ago. We had a cheap set that broke & had a family reunion we were hosting & wanted to have those to play.

I tore into the project thinking, I'll fix these but found they were poorly made & I could make a much better set if I gave it some effort.

I remember my Grandpa Cliff paying me big compliments at the reunion & was surprised I had made the boards. He asked a bunch of questions & looking back now, he knew then I was going to be "making things"! Since then I’ve been following in my grandpas footsteps , experimenting with wood working and finding joy in making nearly anything.

It took me years to mature & have that desire to learn more. Woodworking takes a great deal of patience & I have "grown into" it!

Although I never worked hand in hand with my grandpa, I can feel him there when I dig into a project. The hobby became a passion & I thought I'd test the waters with a business. I started with local farmers markets & the reception has been great. It's taken me to places as far as New York City already in the past couple years. 

My grandpa made a ton of custom furniture in his day & I find myself looking over the pieces in my parents house now & strive to one day be as talented as he was. I even have a wood hand planer that was my grandpas that I keep in my shop.

What’s something about your work that people might not know just by looking? Each piece is somehow "finished" by my daughter who is 4 and loves to be included. Kaylee loves to help give finishing touches and help daddy.

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You can find Brett at our June 3rd, August 5th, and October 1st Art and Craft Markets. Find him on Facebook @bstonesquared or online at www.bstone2.com