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Making the Market: Carol of Phoenix Rising

In our new series, "Making the Market," we will be introducing you to some of the crafters, farmers, musicians, and artisans who attend our markets. We hope you enjoy learning more about the "makers" in our community!

Meet Carol Bridwell of Phoenix Rising

How long have you been in business? I have been in business one year making woven rugs and furniture from salvaged wood. My daughter, Alicia Snider, works with me adding artwork to my wooden creations.

How did you get started? I have been interested in various fiber and textile mediums most of my life. My grandmother taught me to crochet at the age of 6 using crochet thread to make doilies and laces. I had a fascination for the construction of materials using mere string.  I got my first floor loom 30 years ago and taught myself the techniques for creating beautiful and useful pieces with string and scraps. For many years this was a hobby for me making rugs for our home and those of family and friends.

I more recently became interested in what I could create with wood materials that have been tossed. This led me to making furniture and home accessories out of pallets and salvaged wood.


What is your favorite thing you have made recently and why? My favorite thing that I have recently made is a woven rug. I was asked to make a rug for a kitchen with apple green cabinets and room accents in turquoise and red. At first this seems like an unusual and hard to balance color combination. I was able to put to together just the right mix and it is awesome.

Tell us a fun fact about your products. An endless array of patterns and outcomes can be achieved using the most unusual collections of materials. Finding the gem that is hidden in these materials and being open to what you might find is a source of endless pleasure to me.

Carol will be attending our Art and Craft markets on May 13th, June 3rd, July 22nd, September 9th, and October 1st from 10 am to 3 pm. Stop by to meet her and see more of her awesome work! You can see more on her Facebook page.