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New Year, New Goals

Usually I take very little notice of all the resolution-making when we start a new calendar year. I think the glum weather and cold temperatures often keep me from feeling inspired. This year, though, I’ve been working hard on setting some goals and creating a vision for 2017—some New Year’s Resolutions, if you wish. Even though we’re in the dead of winter, there is a lot going on behind the scenes here at the Canal Market District to make this year even better than 2016. Believe me, that’s going to be a tough benchmark to reach! So if you're curious about what we're up to, come along as I outline some of our 2017 goals: Learn from experience, improve and expand our markets, focus on music, and grow our community. Happy New Year!

  1. Learn from experience. The 2016 farmers market season exceeded our hopes and expectations, and we are so grateful for that! However, we want to make sure the momentum carries through the long winter into a new and improved 2017 season. Farmers are already planning crops and sending in their paperwork to reserve spots at the Canal Farmers Market. Meanwhile, Market Director Bryn Bird is hard at work meeting with community members and pouring over surveys to learn more about what YOU want to see next year. If you’re interested in contributing your thoughts, take our survey or email Bryn at: Bryn@canalmarketdistrict.org You can also check out our events page for information on one of our feedback meetings.

  2. Improve and expand markets. Both the craft market and the farmers market will start in May this year. That means we will have a full 6 months of markets running from May through October with the possibility of a special Thanksgiving farmers market in November, plus the Christmas Market the day after Thanksgiving. Like the farmers market, the Canal Art and Craft Market is also going through some changes and upgrades. Next year look for more vendors, more variety, and food available for purchase while you shop for unique crafts and gifts. If you have feedback on our craft markets, please email me at Jazz@canalmarketdistrict.org

  3. Focus on music. The Canal Market District is overjoyed that dozens of musicians from our community have stepped forward to provide entertainment to the community at each farmers market. These efforts are completely volunteer-led and all musicians are volunteers who are performing just for the love of music. This year we want to do more for our musician community by highlighting their performances on our social media and website, and letting you know where else you can catch them at a gig!

  4. Grow our community. One of the most amazing things we saw last year was how the community came together at the Canal Market District. We met folks from all over Licking County, people of all backgrounds and income levels, who were mingling together and reconnecting with folks they don’t normally run into on a day to day basis. This year we want to be more intentional about creating “our” community by hosting more special events and providing lots of opportunities for you to get involved. We’re planning a great season of programming at the farmers market, too, in partnership with the Downtown Newark Association’s Final Fridays. Look for lots of announcements about the schedule in the coming weeks, and check back on our website at CanalMarketDistrict.org/events.