Celebrating our history

The Ohio Canal was built in 1825. Before the Ohio Canal, it was difficult for the Licking County community to have access to local goods.

All market produce had to be transported on a long and difficult journey by wagon. The Ohio Canal stretched across the state, connecting Lake Erie with the Ohio river, connecting farmers, craftsmen, and consumers. At this time eggs cost four cents per dozen, flour cost a dollar per hundred, and ham was three cents per pound. The Ohio Canal expanded the access of local food and crafts and brought the community together.

We are picking up where the Ohio Canal left off. The Canal Market District has reclaimed this space in the same spirit of our ancestors: bringing people together to share local food and crafts. Newark already has a lot to offer: The Newark Earthworks, nature centers, first class golf courses, three theatres, museums, family entertainment, local music and local restaurants and wineries. The Canal Market is proud to add our value to the culture of Newark. Like our ancestors, we bring people from all over Ohio together as neighbors in celebration of local food.