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Board of trustees

Anne Peterson, Chair
Licking Memorial Health Systems

Brian Williams, Secretary
Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission

Jennifer Roberts, Treasurer
Thomas J. Evans Foundation

Dean Busack
Licking County Foundation

Chuck Dilbone
Sunbeam Family Farm

Carol Goland
Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association

Lee Heckman
Reese, Pyle, Drake & Meyer, PLL

Jeremy King
Denison University

Chuck Moore
Food Pantry Network of Licking County

David Rhodes
City of Newark

October 8, 2017

to our community,

The Canal Market District is growing and we need your help.

From the beginning, we have worked hard to welcome all of Licking County’s residents through a farmers market that provides wholesome food, education, and music. Our Tuesday and Friday markets have benefited thousands of local residents and more than 80 farmers and other small business owners. Thanks to our partnership with the Produce Perks program, families on SNAP (food stamps) can make a small budget go twice as far with an incentive that doubles their fruit and vegetable buying power. So far, more than 300 families have been impacted by this program.

Research has shown that a strong local farm economy supports a healthier community. Towns surrounded by independent farms enjoy greater overall community engagement, higher rates of volunteerism, and greater economic resilience thanks to farmers’ long-term investments in their hometowns. Farmers markets are crucial for preserving family farms, and they also help create and strengthen social ties that bring us all closer together. That’s why we’re so proud of what we’ve accomplished here at the Canal Market District over the past two seasons. But we know we can do more to support our farmers and, in turn, our community.

We want to let you in on something brand new: this fall we are launching the Food Enterprise Hub. This project will take local food to the next level by connecting small, local farmers with big food buyers like restaurants, hospitals, and universities. It will turn whole produce right from the field into usable ingredients that large kitchens need. The Food Enterprise Hub has the potential to change the game for local farmers by creating steady demand that they can plan for and rely on. This project will advance our vision for a community that truly feeds itself.

This is where you come in. We need the financial support of our community to ensure that we can strengthen our farmers market while also branching out into exciting new territory. Please take this moment to make a statement about the future you want to see for Licking County. Whether you can give $20 or $2,000, your financial support will be a solid investment in a more resilient, self-sufficient, and vibrant community.

Thank you for your consideration,

Anne Peterson_blue.jpg

     Anne Peterson
     Board Chair

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